Agios Ioannis

Looking for property in Agios Ioannis? Here is what you need to know about the area. If you have seen the Hollywood hit Mamma Mia, then you have seen Agios Ioannis, the island and its setting.

Agios Ioannis (or Aigiannis) is about 6km from Glossa village and from Chora (Skopelos Town) some 30km. Its orientation on Skopelos Island is North-East and the area is largely uninhabited. It is one of the most popular spots of the island, due to the setting and scenery which is unique.

Properties in Agios Ioannis

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Details on Agios Ioannis

There is a rocky outcrop rising from the sea with the tiny chapel sitting precariously on the top and a long, narrow stairway leading up to the chapel. Be prepared for a climb and take it easy with several breaks if you have to. We promise you the view will reward you.

Once you have taken in the view, you can descend for a cool swim. There are two small sand and pebble beaches with clear turquoise waters. If you go to Ai Giannis with your own transportation, you can access them on foot. Because no road leads to the immediate area, the vehicle will have to be left behind near the small canteen on the main road.

The one of the two beaches is quite easily accessible, however the other can be accessed either by climbing the rock faces dividing them or simply swimming around them. Usually, neither have too many visitors since there are no facilities or amenities to speak of.

There is no public bus going to Agios Ioannis, but there are some private tourist buses that can take you there and back again for a reasonable fee.

So, if you are looking for properties in Agios Ioannis, you will have secluded peace and quiet, fantastic views and pristine natural environments.