Skopelos Cottages for sale

At any given moment, Skopelos has properties for sale and cottages are no exception. Finding the one is not impossible but the “right” one that suits your tastes can be a challenge. The trick is to have a local expert in place who knows which cottage properties are on the market and which of those suits your purposes best. This will save you all the “legwork” relieving you from that difficulty.

Skopelos Realty is exactly who you want to handle all that.

Not all of Skopelos Island is a protected zone for its architecture. This distinction applies mainly to the town of Skopelos and the village of Glossa. Their unique architecture lends them a special charisma. Further afield on the rest of the island buildings are classified as rural and municipal laws can be a little more flexible in this respect.

New build villa with guest house. Private location, close to Skopelos Town and port and all amenities. There is the possibilty to make a swimming pool.

Skopelos country architecture can readily be adjusted to one’s tastes, but it would be a shame to spoil the countryside with structures that are basically out of place. Traditional looking structures are rather unique and the inside of the building can either follow suit, or can be a mixture of rural and modern or, all modern if this is what you wish.

The styles of the island are basically a mix of Macedonian, Pelion and Venetian styles with houses of 2 or 3 floors, topped with Pelion tiled roofs and charming wooden balconies. Skopelos does not necessarily follow Cycladic islands tradition confined to blue coloured doors and shutters. This provides you freedom allowing you to draw inspiration form the islands’ natural colours for these features.

There are several different properties for sale. You will be personally guided on a tour of what it is you are seeking, whether it is furnished and ready to move in, cottages that need renovation according to your taste or cottages that only need you to add your particular style.

The other advantage is that the seclusion offered by a rural cottage is likely to offer plenty of peace and quiet, and if well situated, a fantastic view. Perhaps another important advantage is that Skopelos Island is relatively small so access to Skopelos Town or Glossa is close to all they have to offer within a short drive or even walking distance. Taverns, markets, cafes, bars etc. are all well within reach.