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Skopelos house renovations

When buying a house, renovations is something that always comes to mind. The condition of the property you purchase may vary considerably, depending on what you have in mind for the property. You may wish to start with just 4 walls in disrepair and rebuild the structure exactly as you like it, or start with a structure in fair shape which required much less renovation to achieve your desired home. As in the case of many islands, there may be restrictions in how the property fits in with the rest of those around it. This will require adherence to local laws which will require specialized knowledge.

Altogether, the renovations will certainly add to the value of your property which you can then choose to sell, rent periodically or enjoy for yourself.

Old Property Renovations

There are many old stone houses (cottages) in the various villages for sale on the island, many of which were sturdily built years ago by their owners. Nonetheless, when purchasing such a building at a location of your liking, it may not cater to your exact needs or tastes and may require substantial renovation. Many of them have lovely old traditional features that would be a shame to remove destroying the charm and appeal of the building. For example, masonry that needs to be pointed, stone arches and even benches and the odd fireplace or traditional cooking ovens.

All can be restored to their former glory adding to the uniqueness and charisma of your home. Skopelos Realty is specialized in this kind of work and we have access to stonemasons, architects and other experts who can perform these tasks for you, turning an old property into a gem of home with loads of appeal.

Should you choose to undertake this renovation the process becomes very simple when you have a meeting with us and our collaborating architect and civil engineer. They will readily explain what can and cannot be done to the property and the various options available to you.  Once you have finalized your requirements, you can relax being certain that we will take care of everything to your specifications.

As the renovation process is taking place, we will regularly send you photographs and written reports on the progress of the work. Naturally, time to complete the tasks will depend on your specifications, but the whole process usually takes from a few months, up to one year. In the meantime, you can rest assured that we will take care of everything for you saving you the hassle of a rather complicated process.

We have our own experienced building team who can easily undertake any necessary renovation/refurbishment works for you.

We can also help you with:

  • Initial designing and drawing up plans to your liking, obtaining planning permissions for renovations and possible new construction.
  • The undertaking of the total project management.
  • Advise you on the exterior design and municipal requirements according to the style of the house, i.e. village, neo-classical, town house, island villas.
  • Suggest interior and exterior design ideas, color schemes, tiles, ceilings, beams, period correct paneling, lighting, fireplaces, central heating, air-conditioning, electrical plans, new plumbing, ideas and plans for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, space saving ideas, living and dining areas and much, much more!.

Renovations of your Skopelos House

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