Skopelos Plots for sale

Skopelos Island may be small but plots are available since people tend to gather at more populated areas. At any given moment, Skopelos land properties have the added advantage of being both remote and close to everything.

Finding plots that suit your tastes can be a challenge concerning zoning laws. The trick is to have a local expert in place who knows which plots are on the market and which of those suits your purposes best. This will save you all the “trouble” of dealing with local zoning and construction laws and codes.

Buildable plot only a few minutes’ drive to Skopelos Town and only 1 klm from Glisteri beach. Electricity and water just outside the property.
Buildable plot close to the village of Old Klima. Uninterrupted views to the Aegean Sea and the island of Skiathos. Close to many beautiful beaches of the island.
Buildable land close to Stafilos and Velanio beach and village amenities. Located in a quite location surrounded by olive and pine trees. It has easy access.

Skopelos Realty is exactly who you want to handle all that making the transfer a pleasure.

Not all of Skopelos Island is a protected zone for its architecture. This distinction applies mainly to the town of Skopelos and the village of Glossa. Should the plot you purchase be within those town boundaries, you will have to follow zoning and architectural guidelines and standards. The good part of that is the rather unique architecture which will give your home local charisma. Plots purchased further afield on the rest of the island, do allow more flexibility in this respect, but living an island life totally different from other parts of the world is further enriched by living in a locally styled house.

Another really good advantage to living in a rural area is that almost anywhere you choose to buy you plot, you will have a fantastic sea view. The beauty of this is that Skopelos beaches can easily be reached by car, motorbike, bicycle or even walking if you are so inclined.

There are several different Skopelos properties for sale. The advantage of having a local Real Estate Agent at your behest is that you will probably have the best available choices. This is a great help since they will also be aware of the pitfalls any property has.

When the time comes to develop the property, once more Skopelos Realty will introduce you to its Design and Construction team to make life easier for you. They will also keep a close eye on the progress of the work being done and provide you with progress reports.

The real beauty of buying a plot on Skopelos Island is that you get to choose what you can see, where it will be and how you will develop it without having to make costly renovations. Another advantage is that you can choose seclusion with peace and quiet, and the hustle and bustle of Skopelos Town or Glossa if you wish to be within walking distance or a short drive.