Property Maintenance

Skopelos house Maintenance

Buying property in a foreign country can be a blessing or a chore you wish you had never undertaken. Different countries have different rules that may even be different to a degree in local municipalities. Whatever the case, it is definitely in your interest and a huge relief to have a local surrogate taking care of things for you. This provides you with peace of mind and double the enjoyment of your property.

Annual Maintenance

Once you are the owner of your property on Skopelos Island you will also by necessity have to shoulder the responsibility for the maintenance of your property. This is not easy or free of anxiety from afar… In order to make this a comfortable non-issue, we can happily provide you with peace of mind by taking care of the local bureaucracy difficulties involved in setting up home and living in a foreign country. This is to your benefit since language, paperwork, management and cultural differences can often be rather complicated.

Here are just some of the services we can offer you:

  • Your utility bills will be paid in your absence (telephone, electricity, water etc.)
  • Property insurance, including construction, remodeling and the transport of to your property’s contents will be done quickly and correctly.
  • Annual Tax Declaration forms and accounting issues including advice on new laws can be taken care of by our collaborating Accountant who will deal with the whole process on your behalf.
  • Regular maintenance work by a Gardener for any garden or land, for an agreed price can be overseen by our offices.
  • Bad weather issues – we check all properties twice a week to ensure that no damage has been caused. If there is, we will immediately contact you and arrange for any repairs to be completed upon your order.
  • Repairs and maintenance – should you choose to rent your property when you are not using it, occasionally it may need to be maintained. We will keep you informed on what needs to be done and even take care of it at your orders.
  • Services provision – All contractors e.g. plumbers, electricians, solar power panel suppliers and installers etc. can be contacted on your behalf, instructed, observed and rechecked for any works carried out to your property.
  • Should you wish for more, we will happily listen and provide.

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