Skopelos Island Properties for sale

A collection of beautiful properties in Skopelos island. In our inventory, you will find both modern and traditional houses and country cottages, as well as plots and commercial properties.


Traditional town houses in Skopelos Town and Glossa village areas.


Traditional properties in the countryside ready to move in or to renovate.


Plots to build your own house or business, according to your taste & desires.


Business properties on an island with flourishing tourism and a vibrant community.

Skopelos, this green and rocky island, offers a wide range of beautiful properties for sale for all tastes and budgets. Its extended coastline and its mountainous nature provide great opportunities for breathtaking views of the sea, among lush pine-tree forests.

Houses for Sale

Houses for sale on Skopelos Island are to be found mainly in the settlements towns and countryside of the island. Some are more traditional and others are not, a factor to consider which depends on municipal laws. In certain areas, the law demands that houses be kept traditional while in others, no such restriction applies.

The beauty, of course, is that while this may be true on the outside, it is not so concerning the inside.

So, if you wish to purchase a house on Skopelos in such an area and rebuild the inside to a more modern rhythm, you can.

A factor to consider in doing so may be the strong contrast such a change may make to the senses. Many people who buy houses on the island tend to keep the traditional rhythm both inside and out lending real character to the structure while artfully disguising the more modern appliances. Skopelos Realty can arrange meetings with our designers to help you do anything you wish.

Cottages for Sale

Cottages for sale on the island of Skopelos are mainly found in the villages and dotted around the countryside. They are a mix of old and new depending on when they were built, but if it is a cottage on a Greek island you want, perhaps a more traditional one is a better choice.

The one thing you may have to consider is repair work to the structure additions and alterations which you will need to obtain permission for. Some of these structures may come with a parcel of land around them which you can landscape to your liking or even grow your own food if that is what you want. Contractors and tradesmen can be interviewed and Skopelos Realty will happily arrange meetings with our architects to help you do anything you wish.

Maintaining & Renovating your new home

Make sure you find your home in an immaculate condition each time you visit. Read all about our Maintenance and Renovation Services.

Land for Sale

Land is always a good choice and purchase on Skopelos Island if you want to start from scratch and build a home to your exacting taste. Here, at Skopelos Realty, you will find various plots for sale, according to your requirements. Land outside of the main towns or on the outskirts of villages or even removed from both is available.

If you choose inland parcels of land, the island is small enough to make the sea accessible in any direction; chances are you will have a great view on most of the island. If you choose to purchase closer to the beaches you may have to pay a higher price but this will also give you faster access to the seaside.

The trick in these cases is to be close enough to a main asphalt road to make traveling to the village or town a little easier. Being on a road may push the price up a bit but it will also have more traffic and less quiet.

Commercial (businesses) for Sale

Skopelos tourism is flourishing! Commercial property on Skopelos is a choice you may want to make if you decide to live on the island for long periods at a time or permanently. Some people choose to do this for the tourist season and then move back to mainland towns and cities or even abroad for the rest of the year.

Any kind of business that caters to local or tourist needs is a plus for both customers and owners on an island and there are several properties for sale or rent. As always, it is to be considered carefully since, unlike a home where one lives, it has to generate income and adhere to local laws, regulations and taxes.

Whether you choose to go into the retail business, catering business, rental business a.s.o., Skopelos Realty can help you find the right property for your purposes.

Most Recently added Skopelos Houses

Spacious traditional property in the centre of Skopelos Town which needs some modernisation. # bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Close to all amenities of Skopelos Town.
Charming Town House renovated with style. Excellent choice property for a holiday house on Skopelos Island close to all amenities.
Adorable Town house with spacious yard, centrally located close to all amenities of Skopelos Town. Ready to move in. Ideal property for a holiday house.

Most Recently added Skopelos Cottages

Villa in very good condition with small old cottage and swimming pool. Big plot with pine and fruit trees. Walking distance to Skopelos Town and port. Private location with nice views to Skopelos Town and port.
Two identical pool villas located in the area of Tsimisia overlooking Skopelos Bay. They can be sold unfinished or ready to move in.
Traditional stone made cottage in good condition in Pefkias area. There is land to create a lovely garden. Only a few minutes driving to Skopelos Town and port.