Stafylos & Velanio

The area of Stafilos has several accommodations and a variety of businesses that serve the area. Both land and property can be found there but the main feature of course is the beach.

Stafilos beach is at 4,5km from Skopelos town to the South Eastern side of Skopelos Island and its orientation is South. This is the area of the island that is more protected from the wind and therefore most beaches on Skopelos are to be found.

Properties in Stafylos & Velanio

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One Apartment and four studios for sale in Stafilos area. Newly build property in excellent condition and ready to move in. Close to Skopelos Town and port and Stafilos & Velanio beaches
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Hotel for sale on Skopelos Island in excellent condition with spacious swimming pool close to Stafylos beach. Fully equipped.
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Unique olive grove in a private location overlooking Stafilos Bay and beyond – Uninterrupted views to the Aegean – Ideal for commercial use – Easy access.
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This exquisite hotel is set on a plot of 2.654 m² and only a few meters from the beautiful beaches of Stafilos and Velanio. An excellent investment opportunity.
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Details on Stafylos & Velanio

Stafilos beach is backed by a beautiful pine forest and a clear water bay stretches out before it. The beach itself is a mix of shingles and sand that can be reached by bus which stops on the road from Skopelos to Glossa some 500m from the beach. A hike from Skopelos town through the countryside will also get you there offering a great opportunity to cool down. Parking for private vehicles is along the road and it gets crowded during high season. Final access to the beach is by steps which excludes it for the disabled.

Stafilos beach is a family friendly organized beach with sun beds, umbrellas, a beach bar and a lifeguard.

Velanio beach

The Velanio area adjacent to Stafilo is largely uninhabited and any land purchase for the purpose of building there will have its own challenges. It is however, a pristine landscape on the leeward side of the island offering an unhidered view and access to the beach by foot.

At the far end of Stafilos beach a path leads to Velanio beach. Velanio beach orientation is South East. It is a pebble and sand beach and a great place to take in the sunrise. This is a wider beach than Stafilos and it is the only beach visited by nudists to the one side of it. A beach bar is now available on the one side of the beach. What separates the two very different beaches is the large rocky outcrop rising from the sea.

Velanio is by far the most peaceful and uncrowded beach, offering views of the cliffs above while you swim.

On the right side of the beach facing the sea, there is a cave, while at its edge you will find fresh water dripping from the rocks. Free-grazing goats visit the beach to drink sea water at dusk.