Complex of cottages in the countryside of Pyrgos area

Property Price: 150,000 €
Lovely complex of cottages in the countryside of Pyrgos area surrounded by pine forests and amazing views to the Sea. Needs renovation.

Cottage description

This is a complex of cottages located in the forests of the area of Pyrgos. Amazing location with spectacular views of the island and the Sea beyond. The cottages need renovation and only the main is renovated but still needs some modernisation. The size of the land is 3,650 m2 and the total size of the cottages is 100 m2. Very nice outside areas surrounded by the vest vegetation of the area. 

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The cottages need to be renovated in order to make them livable. The bigger and the main one has been recently renovated but still needs some modernisation. There are three buildings in total.


The land is very nicely situated offering amazing views to the forest of the island and the Aegean Sea beyond. The property has many different types of fruits and plants. There are many outside seating areas and a parking area for 2-3 cars.


The location is very quiet and privately surrounded by the lovely pine forests of the area.


The access is from the asphalt road of the area and an off-track road of good condition of approximately 300 m.


The views are magnificent to the pine forests of the area and the Aegean Sea beyond.

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Secluded area
Amazing Views

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Important Notes

Very nice project for a property with small cottages in the lovely area of Pyrgos. Ideal for renting in summer season but also for all year living.The property has electricity but no mains water. There is a water tank.