Three storey Skopelos Town house to renovate

Property Price: 70,000 €
Three storey Town house that needs renovation. Close to all amenities of Town and only a few minutes walking to Skopelos Town waterfront.

House description

This is a three storey building in the centre of Skopelos Town. Close to all amenities of town and only a few minutes walking to Skopelos Town waterfront. There is one kitchen, bathroom, living/dining room and one bedroom. On the top floor there is a balcony that goes around the house. The property creates a corner and the building has many windows, it is a very airy and light property. Ideal property for a holiday house or even for all year round.

Property Facts

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The property has two separate entrances. One gives directly to the kitchen and bathroom and one to a hallway with steps and access to the first floor where the living/dining room is. A staircase continues to the top floor where there is an open space where  the bedroom is. French doors are leading to a small but long balcony that goes all around the property.


The property has a long balcony all around the property ideal area to enjoy the Skopelos Town neighbouring feeling. The street has no cars or motorbikes so a table and chairs can be installed just outside the kitchen door.


The property is very centrally located close to all shops and tavernas and only a few minutes walk to Skopelos Town waterfront.


The access is from the small streets of Skopelos Town.


The views from the property are to the neighbourhood.

Property Features


Area Features

Features of the area near the property, at a relatively short distance from it.

Bar - Café
Mini market
Local Transportation
Secluded area
Amazing Views

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Important Notes

This town house has a traditional character of the island. It needs to be renovated and make a lovely place to live in Skopelos Town.