Two Town Houses both with yards inside Skopelos Town

Two Skopelos Town Houses with two different yards. One property ready to move in and one to renovate. Each property has a yard.

House description

Skopelos Town property with two houses one livable and one that needs renovation. There are two different yards one for every property. The main house is in good condition and ready to move in. It has a lovely yard with citrus trees and plants. Next is the ruined house and behind there is the second yard with some views to the port of Skopelos. Stone made houses with many potentials located just in the center of Skopelos town.


Property Facts

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The main house has one room and one kitchen on the ground floor. On the floor is a spacious open plan room with french doors and a balcony with views to the town of Skopelos. This house has an outside bathroom. The second house is a ruin in two floors and it needs to be renovated. It has the space for a double bedroom, a kitchen and living room area and a bathroom.



The “must” of this property is the front yard with citrus trees and a nice size seating area. There is one more yard next to the ruined property which ones renovated it has views to the port of Skopelos Town.


The Houses are located just in the centre of Skopelos Town in a lovely Greek neighborhood. Very quite location because is on a non car and moto street.



The access is only on foot through the small streets of Skopelos Town.


The views are towards Skopelos Town and from the second house to the port of Skopelos.

Property Features


Area Features

Features of the area near the property, at a relatively short distance from it.

Bar - Café
Mini market
Local Transportation
Secluded area
Amazing Views

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Important Notes

Two Town houses with spacious yards. One ready to move in and one to renovate. Ideal properties for commercial use.