Swimming pool

One of the greatest assets of a house or villa is the swimming pool. Whether the property is near the sea or up on the mountains, a swimming pool adds to its value and makes it easier to sell or rent. Find houses or villas with a swimming pool and see which best suits your needs.

Two unfinished Villas with swimming pools overlooking Skopelos Town, port and the Aegean Sea. Private and quite location close to Skopelos Town amenities.
ID: Cottage-
3 bedroom Luxurious villa with swimming pool, only a few minutes’ drive from Skopelos Town and port. Splendid views to the Sea and the Town of the island.
ID: Cottage-
Pretty villa with nice outside areas and swimming pool. Magnificent views to the sea and the green hills of the island. Ideal property for all year living. Needs some work.
ID: Cottage-
Stylish villa with swimming ool in the countryside of Skopelos Island. Very stylish design and lovely outside areas. For sale furnished and ready to move in.
ID: Cottage-
Three independent cottages with swimming pool in a very quite and unique location with best views to the Aegean Sea.
ID: Cottage-
Villa with swimming pool, traditionally decotrated with a unique feeling. The views are panoramic and breathtaking to the sea and beyond.
ID: Cottage-

Buying a house with a swimming pool on Skopelos Island

The Greek island of Skopelos, famous for its verdant landscapes, serene environment, and crystalline waters, has emerged as a coveted property hotspot. Among the myriad of options available, houses with swimming pools have become a definitive symbol of luxury and convenience. Let us examine in greater detail the various facets of owning a property with a swimming pool in Skopelos, with particular emphasis on the value it can bring to your home and the unique allure it provides.

A Swimming Pool Adds Substantial Boost in Property Value

Arguably, the most significant advantage of having a pool is the increase in property value it guarantees, as, according to experts, a well-maintained swimming pool can add anywhere between 5 to 8% to the value of a property. This aspect holds particularly true in Skopelos, where the warm Mediterranean climate encourages outdoor living. A swimming pool, thus, becomes a sought-after feature for potential buyers, adding a premium touch to your home.

A Personal Oasis for Cooling Down and Relaxation

A pool isn’t just a practical feature; it is a source of relaxation and comfort. The picturesque landscapes of Skopelos, combined with the privacy and convenience of your “personal oasis”, create a rejuvenating sanctuary. After a long day of exploring the island or just on a hot summer day, a swimming pool provides an ideal place to cool down and unwind, mirroring the island’s tranquil charm right in your backyard.

An Elegant Area for Leisure and Entertainment

Imagine savouring your morning coffee by the poolside or hosting a lively alfresco dinner with family and friends under the blue sky of Skopelos Island. A swimming pool provides a captivating area that helps create experiences you will remember forever. It becomes an extended living area where you can enjoy snacks and drinks, relax with a book, or have fun-filled pool parties throughout the day.

A Safe Playground for Children

A private swimming pool also serves as a safer, controlled environment for children to play and have fun. Under supervision, kids can enjoy a variety of pool games, swim, or just splash around in the safety of their backyard. This way, your Skopelos property not only becomes a haven for you but also a delightful playground for the little ones.

An Investment to Plan Carefully

While the allure of a pool is undeniable, it is essential to note that pool construction can be an expensive endeavor. Therefore, careful planning concerning the size, type, and design of the pool is crucial. From a simple, budget-friendly plunge pool to a large infinity pool offering breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, your choice should ideally balance your preferences, usage, and budget.

Managing Maintenance with Skopelos Realty

The idea of maintaining a swimming pool can seem daunting, especially if you’re away for extended periods. However, this issue can easily be circumvented with the help of a reliable property management service like Skopelos Realty. We offer comprehensive services to take care of your home and its swimming pool during your absence. Starting from routine cleaning and maintenance to major repairs, our professional services ensure your pool remains pristine and ready for your return.

Owning a property with a swimming pool in Skopelos can significantly enhance the quality of your holidays and the value of your house. While it does entail some cost and upkeep, with meticulous planning and the proper assistance, it proves an investment worth making. If you have ever dreamt of sipping a cocktail by your private pool, overlooking the breathtaking Skopelos landscapes, now might be the perfect time to turn that dream into reality.