Properties that need renovation

At Skopelos, some of the properties for sale need renovation. You will find properties in quite good condition while others might need your immediate attention. Prices for such properties vary accordingly. Their main advantage is that you can “shape” them according to your taste.

Traditional three floor property ready to move in. Lovely views to Skopelos Town and port from the balcony. Ideal for all year living.
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This unique property with spacious garden is a very interesting project for a spacious holiday house and a spacious garden with views.
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Beautiful Skopelos Town property with amazing views from every level of the property. It has a small garden and a spacious terrace with breathtaking views.
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Two storey stone made cottage in the area of Pefkias with big land. Lost in the pine tree forests of the island but close to Skopelos Town and the beautiful beaches of the area.
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This is a spacious traditional property in the heart of Skopelos Town, close to all amenities of Town. Ideal property for all year living.
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Three traditional stone made cottages to renovate in the countryside of Pefkias with fabulous views and land. Interesting project of renovation
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This is an unfinished villa with swimming pool and wonderful sea views. Located in the countryside of Glossa village, close to amenities of the village and the beautiful beach of Perivoliou.
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2 bedroom property with yard and terrace with views to the port of Skopelos. Centrally located in a lovely neighborhood. Ideal property for couples and holiday rental.
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Traditional stone made house with balcony and potential private garden with easy access. Ideal holiday house for couples.
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Very traditional property in the picturesque and quite village of Old Klima on Skopelos Island, Greece. Ideal for holiday house in a greek island.
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The land has very easy access and only 5 minutes drive to Panormos beach. Very private location lost in the countrside of Skopelos Island..
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Very traditional property inside Skopelos Town. Very charming with a lot of character. Needs renovation. Ideal property for Holiday House.
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Why you should consider buying a Skopelos house that needs renovation

Tucked away in the turquoise embrace of the Aegean Sea lies the quaint island of Skopelos. An assortment of postcard-perfect landscapes, Skopelos invites with its cobalt-blue waters, fragrant pine forests, and a skyline dotted with terracotta-roofed houses in varying states of time’s tender affection. A unique opportunity emerges – the charm of Skopelos houses needing renovation. And why, you might ask? Here, we delve into the reasons.

Crafting a Personal Canvas

First and foremost, renovating a house offers an opportunity akin to being handed a blank canvas. A house needing renovation in Skopelos is not just a shell; it is a chance to translate your vision into reality; to mould a structure according to your tastes and needs. And there is something quite magical about that process. As your ideas take form in the physical realm – a room here, a window there, maybe a cosy nook for rainy afternoons – you’ll feel a surge of accomplishment that only comes from building your personal haven from scratch.

House Renovation, Skopelos Realty

Extending the House’s Lifespan

While the rustic allure of a timeworn Skopelos house might tug at your heartstrings, it is essential to remember that old houses can come with their fair share of old-house problems. But here is where renovation again proves to be a boon. By replacing the old plumbing and wiring systems, not only do you ensure the convenience of modern living, but you also significantly extend the house’s lifespan. In essence, you breathe new life into a structure, transforming an ageing building into a sturdy, comfortable home that will serve you well for years.

Adding Value to Your New Home

There’s no denying that a renovated house, especially in a place as enchanting as Skopelos, is a desirable asset. Renovations, when done right, add a significant amount of value to the property. What might have initially been a diamond in the rough can, with your vision and effort, turn into a priceless gem. The more you invest in improving your Skopelos home, the more it will reward you should you decide to sell.

A Potential Source of Revenue

Speaking of rewards, your renovated Skopelos house could also become a lucrative source of income. This island is a beloved destination for both domestic and international tourists, with its vibrant local culture, delectable cuisine, and tranquil beaches. By renting out your renovated house, you provide these visitors with a unique, homely experience and, in turn, enjoy a steady stream of revenue. Think of it as sharing the beauty of Skopelos, one stay at a time, while also securing financial benefits.

Skopelos Realty: Your Ally in Renovation

It’s undeniable that the process of renovation can be stressful. It’s a journey dotted with decision-making, and the prospect of handling it all on your own can be daunting. But fear not, for we at Skopelos Realty are here to shoulder that burden. We can help you navigate this journey with minimal involvement from your end, ensuring that the creation of your dream property doesn’t turn into a nightmare of logistics and paperwork. Consider us your ally in this effort, dedicated to delivering a house that you can enjoy forever.

In essence, choosing to renovate a Skopelos house is much more than a financial investment. It’s an investment in your dreams, a testament to your vision, and a commitment to the community of Skopelos. By taking an old house and infusing it with new life, you not only create a haven for yourself but also contribute to the island’s architectural heritage. In this journey, it is often the little things that make the most significant difference. Perhaps it is the sunlight streaming through the newly-installed bay window that uplifts your morning routine, or maybe it is the joy of hosting friends and family in the refurbished patio that bears your personal touch. These are the moments that genuinely underline the value of your investment.

The prospect of renting out your property can also open up a wealth of experiences. As hosts, you become ambassadors of Skopelos’ vibrant culture, introducing visitors to the island’s unique rhythm and lifestyle. In this process, you also foster connections with people from around the world, enriching your own life as much as you enrich theirs.
Yet, this entire endeavour can be a smooth journey. At Skopelos Realty, we pride ourselves on making your renovation process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We provide comprehensive support, from finding the right property to crafting a renovation plan, managing the construction process, and even marketing your home for rentals if desired.

So, whether you are drawn to the prospect of creating a personal retreat, extending the life of a house, adding significant value to your investment, generating revenue through rentals, or simply engaging in a creative project, renovating a Skopelos house presents an opportunity like no other.

Should you worry that a renovation project might exceed your original budget?

Indeed, the financial aspect of renovation can be a point of concern for many. However, at Skopelos Realty, we firmly believe that cost should never be a deterrent to realizing your dream. We are committed to providing you with a transparent, comprehensive budget that takes into account your financial boundaries. Our expertise lies in making the most of every dollar, ensuring that you get the best return on your investment without overspending. From sourcing cost-effective materials without compromising on quality to recommending design modifications that maximize efficiency, we tailor our approach to align with your budget. With Skopelos Realty, you can rest assured that your dream renovation will remain a delightful venture rather than spiralling into a financial strain.

Additionally, we understand that maintaining a property, especially when you are not there, can be challenging. Skopelos Realty rises to this challenge by offering reliable property maintenance services. Whether it’s regular upkeep, emergency repairs, or just ensuring everything stays in top-notch condition, we can take care of your renovated house while you’re away. Your peace of mind is our priority, and with us, your dream Skopelos house is not just realized but also impeccably maintained.

With Skopelos Realty by your side, you can embark on this journey with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that your dream property is in capable and caring hands. After all, there is a certain joy in seeing a house transformed under your vision, and we are here to ensure that you get to experience that joy without any undue stress. Join us in this voyage, and let us do what we do best: create beautiful homes and even more beautiful memories, one Skopelos house at a time.