Unfinished Villa with amazing views close to Armenopetra beach

Unfinished Villa with a lot of potentials, only 5 minutes drive to the beach of Armenopetra. Breathtaking views to Skiathos Island and beyond.

Cottage description

This is an unfinished Villa in an amazing location with the most spectacular views and sunsets. Located in Daphnes Armenopetra area close to the beautiful beaches of Armenopetra and Kalives. The views are breathtaking to Skiathos Island and beyond. The foundations and main structural works are completed, including basement, ground and first floor. There is also a large swimming pool foundation established. The size of the plot is 5.842 m2 and the size of the building is 257 m2 with basements. The electricity and water supply are nearby. Very easy access from a driveway from the main road.

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Property Facts

Property gallery

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The property has a ground floor with basements and a top floor. The orientation is unique towards the Sporades Islands from every level of the house. The house has many potentials and ready to be continued.


The plot size is 5.842 m2 and has many fruit trees, cypress and olive trees. The ground is in very good condition and has a gentle slope. There is an unfinished large swimming pool.


The location is a unique place on the island. It is located in the area of Daphnes Armenopetra and it is very close to beaches of the area. Only a few kilometers from Glossa village and only 5 minutes drive to Elios village.


The access is very easy. Only some metres from the central road an off track road leads you to the property.


The views are spectacular and panoramic to Skiathos and the Sporades Islands. From every level of the property and of the plot the views are amazing.

Property Features


Area Features

Features of the area near the property, at a relatively short distance from it.

Local Transportation
Secluded area
Amazing Views

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Important Notes

This property is legal and ready to continue with the building and all necessary works. Ideal property for rent.