Greece is safe

Greece now opens its doors to tourists for summer 2020, advertising that ”Greece is safe”.
Greece is safe

In Greece, now that summer is here, the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) has launched a campaign under the moto “Greece is safe”. How accurate is that, really?

The Greek Government has decided to open the country’s gates to tourists, still taking strict measures to ensure safety of tourists and locals to the maximum. Facing a severe economic crisis, like most countries, the officials clarify that it has not been an easy decision but there was no other option.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Greece has enforced a series of strict rules that enabled the country to limit the spread of the virus to such an extent that it has been practically limited to very small areas. In all this chaos, the Greek islands, blocked for 2 months from any contact with the rest of the country, have been Covid-19 free, which makes them perhaps the safest holiday locations on the entire planet.

Skopelos is safe

Skopelos, for example, has had no incidents of the virus since the very beginning. Some sort of tourist screening will still apply, so that there is no spread of the virus and all islands remain safe havens for people to enjoy their holidays.

But it seems that the coronavirus is not an easy thing to eliminate. Scientists expect a comeback in September but hopes are high that we will be more ready to deal with it.

Owning a house or an apartment in Skopelos will allow you to travel there, even during the strictest quarantine. So, if safety is your greatest concern, rest assured that, as the Government stated, Greece IS safe.

Enjoy the sun, the beautiful beaches, the delicious and healthy food and the relaxed lifestyle of the Greeks.

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Trust us with your property search and with your safety and please note that all houses are disinfected after each visit. Here, at Skopelos, we take health issues very seriously.

Travel to Greece, it is safe



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Greece is safe

Greece now opens its doors to tourists for summer 2020, advertising that ”Greece is safe”.

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