Homes for sale in Skopelos

Skopelos Greece offers several good opportunities for people that wish to own a home there or even rent it for the summer.
Homes for sale in Skopelos

In fact buying and then renting it out is a pretty good income too. Skopelos Island is one of the Sporades islands on the eastern side of mainland Greece just above Evia.

Homes for sale in Skopelos are not plentiful it is after all a small island, but they are not rare either, they vary a great deal from Tiny houses on Skopelos to large luxury villas.

Find homes for sale in Skopelos

Skopelos town is by far the most likely place to find Skopelos Property. Although looking to the rural areas will also offer some bargains. Skopelos Real Estate has been developing in the last few years suggesting that there are houses for sale in Skopelos.

Placing a call or making a Skopelos property search on Google will probably provide several sources to help you find your Skopelos dream properties.

Skopelos Real estate is a flourishing business

Houses for sale in Skopelos are often invested in for the purpose of renting them out in the holiday season. Real estate agents in Skopelos are very well informed on the island and properties on Skopelos Island. Houses for sale and how to buy a house on Skopelos are exactly their expertise. Property for sale in Skopelos can be quite a chore if you do not have local real estate agents in Skopelos to help with the process. Other than that, Skopelos real estate is quite a bargain at today’s compressed prices.

Why choose to buy a house in Skopelos


Skopelos is in the Greek islands, that alone is a feather in the cap.  It is green from hills to beachfront, unlike the Cycladic islands residential property for sale on Skopelos is not really a difficult proposal at this time. Especially if you get the help of a local real estate agent, making the prospect of buying detached houses for sale in Skopelos quite a pleasure, even a bargain. Skopelos is a quiet island, not too touristy usually with a more family type tourism and definitely for a discerning person with some cash to spend.

Weather in Skopelos is cool, compared to most other Greek islands. The lush vegetation is the main reason for this “summer gift”. Rain is not uncommon in Skopelos or the rest of the Sporades islands. You might as well forget the typical scorching temperatures of insular Greece and embrace the refreshing and aromatic Skopelitian air, from as early as May till the end of September.


If you are into night life, the islands night life although quite lively, is not like that of the well-known tourist islands. In other words, Skopelos is the ideal island for relaxation, swimming, amazing sceneries and good food.

Communication without a real estate agent could pose a problem, especially with communication and paperwork.

Should I buy a town house or a cottage in Skopelos


Skopelos is a quiet island, but town living can get a bit lively, especially during high season. Mind you, no more than any other place where people live together.  It is not only the evenings you will have to consider; This can prove a huge advantage, if late night food and drinks is your thing. A place to stay within only a few steps from the Town’s bars would be the best choice for you.

Town houses on the other hand can be convenient since everything is within walking distance. In fact, access to anything related to convenience is a breeze.

A Town House will allow you to be more social and find new friends. It is always best

Enjoying the green hills all the way to the beachfront is a very quiet pastime should you choose to buy a cottage, privacy is a great plus too.


Towns are rarely absolutely quiet and privacy is often an issue for people who want or need it.

For cottages, access to anything related to convenience is done by vehicle unless you are fortunate enough to purchase property just out of town.


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