Skopelos luxury villas

Luxury Villas in Skopelos are quite the thing at this time on the island. The opportunity to buy a luxury villa in Skopelos or rent one for the summer or even for several months or years is quite real.
Skopelos luxury villas

The good part is that their prices are nowhere near those of the more popular partying Greek Islands and the quality of the views are just as good if not better if you like seeing a green and blue vista.

Villas are usually not in Skopelos Town but in more rural areas. So privacy and peace are the main benefits. Also, many of them are in fact designed to cater to well-paying tourists, so are fully stocked with all kinds of conveniences.

Skopelos Real estate is a flourishing business

Make no mistake Skopelos real estate is a flourishing business and getting stronger. Properties on Skopelos Island are numerous and Skopelos dream properties such as villas for sale in Skopelos can be quite a bargain at this time if you are in the market looking to buy property in Skopelos.

The possible problems you may encounter of how to buy a villa on Skopelos is easily dealt with by making use of the services offered by good real estate agents in Skopelos. Their job is to help you find villas for sale in Skopelos and they know which ones are on the market. Sometimes they are not listed publicly. The same real estate agents are also very well informed of the peculiarities common to many local zoning authorities to which Villas in Skopelos may be subject should you wish to make renovations. The opportunity to buy a Skopelos dream property is certainly not unreachable.

How expensive can Skopelos luxury villas be?

As expected, luxury accommodation is more expensive than any other available option. This is so for all touristic places in the world and Skopelos is no exception to the rule. The fact remains that there are not many Skopelos luxury villas to choose from, so this market is still changing.

Why choose to buy a house in Skopelos

Skopelos is still in the infancy of the real estate development stage. It has still got some very good bargains that can be purchased for your own use or to rent out during high season, creating some good income opportunities. Even if renting it out is not the case and you prefer to use the villa for a few months a year or even live there permanently, buying a villa in Skopelos is a good move. It can only rise in value.

The island is quiet in comparison to others that can be quite rowdy and in the countryside offers beautiful views and the kind of quiet that calms the soul. A house there will certainly improve your quality of life.

The island’s two main towns are full of hustle and bustle during the day and quite lively at night in the tourist months. If wish to live there instead, and have a view to the sea or the harbors, you have it made!

Should I buy a villa or a cottage in Skopelos

The choice is yours and depends largely on the lifestyle you prefer. Cottages are of course smaller and can be quite rustic in order to fit in with the local colour. Villas on the other hand can be pretty much what one likes since they are mostly out of town and are usually not subject to certain zoning construction requirements. Although keeping in tune with the islands architecture is always a safer and more considerate to local culture way to go.

Residential property for sale is always a nice way to go look at listed properties on Skopelos, but to find a villa for sale in Skopelos the best avenue is a local Skopelos real estate agent. They will have a very comprehensive listing of detached houses for sale in Skopelos, or detached houses for rent in Skopelos, and will help you the find the best Skopelos villa holiday deals as well should you wish it.

Real estate prices in Skopelos

Villas for sale in Skopelos, one of the Sporades islands is quite a good place to look for a bargain at this time given the current economic situation in Greece. Skopelos Island, with its capital, Skopelos town, are a good place to start because since they offer convenience, but villas outside town are also a really good proposition if you are in the market for Skopelos Property. The reasons are several


The market is still affordable; the location is fantastic, the island is very beautiful with a mix of green and blue vistas and traditional housing in the two main towns. It is just “touristy” enough to have a good business if you wish to start one and it is a good place to rent a villa either for yourself or buy a villa to rent out to others.


Although villas are available for sale it will take a local real estate agent to help you find them and negotiate them down to your budget. Omitting this can set you up for long and possibly frustrating meetings with owners and an even longer navigation phase with paperwork with the local authorities.


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