Skopelos holiday properties

Long beaches with amazing scenery, rich natural environment, traditional architecture and great food are only some of the reasons why Skopelos Holiday Properties are such a big hit.
Skopelos holiday properties

Living on a Greek island is a dream for many people around the world. This dream comes true even for a while when they choose to rent property on Skopelos Island during the summer.

For those who choose to make their settlement permanent, the choice to buy Skopelos Island property is a decision well-made. The variety of properties to rent or buy on the island is quite surprising should you wish to collaborate with our office Skopelos Realty. We will guide you through our listings to help you find the property that suits your needs most.

Living in Skopelos during summer

Living on Skopelos Island during the summer is exactly how it is in your dreams. The weather conditions are always good and depending on what activities you enjoy can be a real pleasure especially when it is temperate.

There may be the rare occasion of above or below average temperatures but they are never extreme. Summer is when the island comes alive! Tourism is the main industry as it is on many of the Greek islands and Skopelos Island is no exception. It is probably the best time to enjoy yourself and observe the island at its peak functioning period.

Living in Skopelos during winter

Winter is very different to the summer months in many respects. Tourism has its down time and many seasonal activities and tourism follow suit. Life goes on mainly in the two larger towns and businesses that serve the people’s mundane needs are business as usual albeit at a less hectic pace.

The word that describes Skopelos Island best in the winter is “peaceful”. The locals carry on their business as usual and those that ran seasonal businesses either scale down or stop for a rest altogether. It is probably the best time to go property hunting.

Skopelos at a glance

Skopelos is one of those Greek islands that is close to the mainland and easily accessible, but still has a very islandic air about it. This has been encouraged by the locals who have adhered to their traditional ways and architecture in the two main towns.

Although it is classed as a Sporadic Island, it has its own flavor and colours. It is not as touristy as the main Aegean tourist islands like Mykonos and Santorini making it vastly more affordable. Services are good as are the roads, access to the mainland is fast and living is good. Altogether, it is a very tantalizing proposition for any person or family wishing to holiday there or live there permanently.


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