Skopelos house renovations

Skopelos house renovations

On Skopelos, house renovations are very common when new owners purchase their “new” old house. Unless you have purchased a newly constructed house, the condition of the cottage or holiday house may vary considerably.

Depending on what you have in mind for the property you just purchased, and the condition it is in, house renovations on Skopelos Island can be a headache or a pleasure.

Because most purchases are those of older houses for sale, renovations are more than likely so that the property expresses the personality and wishes of its new owner. The headaches start when people who do not know the language and customs of the island attempt to do everything on their own. Conversely, the pleasure is best assured when you use a responsible local, such as your realtor and their team, to handle the whole affair.

We strongly advise this avenue.

The property you purchase may be in a state of disrepair that includes only 4 walls but a terrific view. Or, you may start with a structure that is in pretty good shape but needs your personal touch and layout to suit your needs. It any case, the house will have to have many different checks done to it, these need people that know their business, whether it be structural, plumbing, electrical etc.

Greek property laws on Greek Islands often have restrictions when it comes to traditional zones and structures within them. A property within such a zone will have to fit in with the rest of those around it. Houses will need to be built according to zoning specifications, and having someone to help with these so as not to infringe on laws is very important long term saving you from hassles and money.

The end result however, will most certainly add to the authenticity of your home once the renovations are done. Adding value to your property which you can then choose to enjoy for yourself, rent periodically or sell.

Skopelos Old Property Renovations

Skopelos has been inhabited since ancient times and many of the properties can be hundreds of years old, especially in the older settlements of the island. They have history and were built with care.

Many old stone houses in Skopelos town and cottages in the country villages on the island are for sale. Most of these were sturdily built by their original owners who used stonemasons of repute. Nevertheless, they may not cater to your specific needs or tastes requiring some or even substantial renovation. This is part of purchasing an older building.

Many of these old structures have traditional features that are illegal to remove since they would change the character of the building. There may be masonry that needs to be pointed, stone arches and even stone benches and fireplaces in some grander villas or traditional cooking ovens in the more rural ones. All can, and by law, must be restored to their former glory. The big plus side is that they add to the charisma of your new Skopelos home.

What we can do for you

Skopelos Realty specialises in this kind of work and has its own teams of professionals. Stonemasons, architects and other construction experts, who can perform the tasks of making your new Skopelos property into a home with loads of character.

Should you choose to undertake such a renovation process, Skopelos Realty will arrange a meeting with our collaborating architect and civil engineer. They explain, in detail, what can be done to the property and expand on the options available.

Upon finalising your requirements, you can stay or go back home, certain that we will take care of everything as per specifications. We will keep you current on the renovation process as it takes place. This will be done regularly by sending you Video, Photographs and written reports on the progress of the work.

The time required for the completion of the renovation will depend on your specifications. In the meantime, we will take care of everything for you as our experienced construction team undertakes the necessary renovation works for you.

We can also help you with design ideas, plans and renovation permissions, municipal requirements according to the exterior style of the house i.e. rural cottage, neo-classical, town house, and island villa. In addition, we can propose exterior and interior design ideas, colour schemes, tiles, ceilings, beams, period-correct panelling, lighting, fireplaces, central heating, air-conditioning, electrical plans, new plumbing, ideas and plans for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, space-saving ideas, living and dining areas and of course, project management.


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