Activities during your Skopelos Holidays

Holidays in Skopelos is not only about swimming; there is plenty to do and learn. Let us propose 2 major courses that will prove useful, especially if you plan to buy a property in Skopelos and spend even more time on the island.
Skopelos Cooking lessons

Cooking Lessons

Traditional Greek cooking lessons in a relaxing environment, using only fresh local ingredients. It will take you only 1 min to reach “Fasolaki” on foot, from Skopelos Town.

Tasting healthy and mouthwatering delicacies and learning how to prepare them, will prove a highly beneficial skill. Fotini and Marina are passionate about the Greek cuisine and are willing to share its secrets with their friends.

No prior cooking skills required; anyone can do it. Please contact us for more information.

Greek Language Lessons

Being able to speak Greek while living in Greece for prolonged periods of time is most certainly an asset. Professional teachers can help you learn the basic and be able to communicate with the locals and the authorities. Most people in Skopelos (especially those who work in the tourism sector) speak adequate English. However, speaking Greek will prove very useful during your stay on the island of Skopelos. Visit Language Spotting on their Facebook page and get in touch with them for more information. Keep in mind, learning Greek can be great fun.

Greek Language Lessons


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