Plots of land for sale in Skopelos

Plots of land on Skopelos Island, represent a promise of the future for anyone wanting to buy property in the Sporades Islands of Greece. Some historic buildings on the island may be several hundred years old. But the land is hundreds of thousands of years old, representing history and permanence.
Plots of land for sale in Skopelos

Whether your choice is to find land for sale in Skopelos or to find large plots for sale in Skopelos town, or something less ambitious such as a plot closer to towns and villages or even in them, you can get one that suits you and your budget with the right real estate agent by your side.

Buying plots of land is a flourishing business

If your intent is to build on land or a plot on the island, either for your own use or that of the tourist industry, both land and plots are flourishing business that can offer income for many years to come.

Using local contractors and artisans to construct business properties in Skopelos is not unusual, it has been done by many people other than the locals and you can do it too. Whether you want to find small Plots for sale in Skopelos or to find large plots for sale in Skopelos, by partnering with a local real estate agent you can find them, see them, negotiate, buy, build, run and maintain it for you all in one package.

Why buy land in Skopelos

Just like most properties in Greece, the crisis of the last 10 years has brought property prices down to very affordable levels. Some are in fact real bargains. The prospects in the near future do not seem to be changing this trend soon, but it will and prices for land and plots can only go up.

Parcels of land that can be developed is quite a trend in Greece, especially by local businessmen since they understand the allure that Greek island life has for people that love the sun, sea, beach and the laid-back lifestyle that the Greek islands are famous for.

If you have cash on hand, then, by all means, do so! Property prices will not remain compressed for much longer and once economies start moving forward again, prices are certain to rise. A little patience now and in the near future can only bring good dividends on an island like Skopelos.

It is a small island with great potential that has not yet been explored. If the purchase of land and plots is for personal use, then you have the added choice of building exactly what you want and need. Once more, by partnering with a local real estate agent you can find it, negotiate, buy, plan, design, build and get them to maintain it for you. They can also help you with the peculiarities of zoning laws.

Land Property prices in Skopelos

Real estate prices in Skopelos are quite tempting at the moment because prices have gone down in the last decade and at worst shrunk since then. The real key is knowing someone that can hunt it down for you and negotiate it down to your budget, that is how to get the best land and plots you may want or can afford.

A reputable local real estate broker will get you well within the budget reach of your Skopelos property. Trying to find it yourself and negotiating for it without knowing how to deal with the locals can be a source of frustration if you do not know the language and paperwork involved.


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