Buying a property in Skopelos

Skopelos in Greece is one of the Islands in the north Aegean Sea and one of the Sporades islands. Skopelos Island is a tiny very green speck in a very blue sea. In fact, there are pine forests extending down to the waterfront in some areas. A pretty picture to start with.
Buying a property in Skopelos

Skopelos Property is quickly becoming a point of interest amongst people that are more discerning, preferring a quiet island with a quality lifestyle. Skopelos town is the capital, also called Hora on most islands in Greece, and that is where you will most likely find a Skopelos real estate office. This both good advice and most likely necessary since hunting for real estate on Skopelos is best done with a local who knows where to look.

Skopelos property is a flourishing business

Skopelos actually has quite a few opportunities when it comes to properties. Land for sale in Skopelos, Villas for sale in Skopelos, Houses for sale in Skopelos, even town houses and cottages are available. All these constitute Skopelos dream properties if someone is committed to buying or renting on the island. Any of these choices can be an investment since property prices are compressed enough now only to rise in the future.

The main issue is how to buy property on Skopelos. The reason for this is often the language barrier and the civil services connected to property. Both can be a chore if you don’t make good use of a real estate agent in Skopelos. A smart person certainly would. In foreign countries it is always good to have a local on your side who knows the ins and outs.

Why choose to buy property in Skopelos

Skopelos is a beautiful island with not too much tourism and those that do choose to have their holidays or live there, are families and people who seek a quality experience. There is never a rush on the island, everyone moves at an island pace. People are friendly and close knit communities where they know each other. This is restful and making this your lifestyle is probably one of the best reasons to buy property on Skopelos Island.

Should I buy property in Skopelos

Yes! Firstly, you have a Greek summer house! How cool does that sound?! Second, it is close enough to get to an airport quickly on nearby Skiathos. Skopelos is decidedly verdant and being surrounded by sea offers two open vistas that are very beguiling if the property is just a little out in the countryside.

If town living is more your thing not much is missing from the Hora and if you are careful with your property selection, you may just to experience island life with a port at your feet.

Property prices in Skopelos

Real estate prices in Skopelos at the moment are quite enticing since prices have at best, gone down and at worst, remained stationary for several years in a row. The real key to getting what you want, is knowing someone that can hunt it down for you and negotiate it down to your budget. Finding a reputable local real estate broker will get you much closer to your Skopelos property than trying to find it yourself and negotiating for it without knowing how to deal with the wily islanders.


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